Gum Reshaping Can Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

If you are self-conscious about an uneven gum line or excess gum tissue, a gum reshaping treatment can transform your smile. Our dentists can help you create a symmetrical smile using the most cutting-edge laser technology for exceptionally precise results. Gums are the soft tissues in your mouth that cover the bone and complement your smile. When gum tissue is excessive or uneven, it can make teeth appear short, disproportionate, and asymmetrical. Your smile is an important aspect of your personality, and the doctors at NÜVA Smile in various locations around New Jersey, want to help you enjoy the one you have for years to come.

What is Gum Reshaping and am I a Candidate?

A before and after illustration of gum reshapingGum reshaping is a cosmetic treatment designed to improve the way your gums fit around the base of your teeth. Also known as gum contouring, this treatment can lengthen teeth and create a more symmetrical gum line. In the past, this procedure required a scalpel, sutures, and a long recovery period. With the introduction of laser technology into the dental industry, patients can achieve immediate, precise results with an overall smoother recovery. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if you have:

  • Small and stubby teeth
  • Excessive gum tissue, giving the appearance of a “gummy” smile
  • An uneven or jagged gum line, making teeth appear misshapen and imbalanced

Good candidates for this procedure should be non-smokers and enjoy good overall oral health. During your initial consultation, your doctors will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy enough to undergo gum reshaping. If any signs of tooth decay or gum disease are detected, you may require restorative or periodontal care before you can undergo the procedure. 

Gum Reshaping Procedure and Recovery

On the day of your procedure, the doctor will numb your gums with a topical anesthetic. Once you are comfortable, the doctor will use a small hand-held laser to remove and sculpt your gum tissue. As the gums are trimmed, the laser seals the tissue, eliminating bleeding and the need for sutures. The procedure can generally be completed in a matter of minutes.

Following surgery, your gums may feel swollen and a little sore, but taking over-the-counter pain relief medication as directed can help alleviate any discomfort. Most patients can return to normal activity the following day, but we recommend following a soft foods diet for the first few days. Certain foods that are hot and spicy or difficult to eat can cause irritation to the gums. As the swelling subsides, you can begin to enjoy your newly contoured smile. If you would like an even more dramatic smile transformation, our doctors can perform gum reshaping as part of a smile makeover as well as perform teeth whitening or fit you for porcelain veneers.

Gum reshaping is a cosmetic treatment designed to improve the way your gums fit around the base of your teeth. Also known as gum contouring, this treatment can lengthen teeth and create a more symmetrical gum line.

Benefits of Using Laser Technology

Because a laser trims and cauterizes the tissue simultaneously, patients experience less bleeding and an overall more comfortable treatment compared to traditional gum reshaping methods. In addition, the heat from the laser kills bacteria, shortening your recovery time and reducing your risk for infection. Patients who undergo laser gum reshaping are able to enjoy:

  • Faster, smoother recovery
  • More accurate results
  • Reduced discomfort and risk for complications
  • Straighter, more symmetrical smile
  • Improved overall aesthetics
  • Increased desire to smile

Reshape Your Gums

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your gum line, we recommend a quick and effective gum reshaping with our laser technology. To learn more about this procedure, visit one of our locations in the New Jersey area. Contact our practice online today to schedule your consultation. 

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