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What We Look For in Affiliates:

Dentists who are looking to transition their practice to remain practicing dentistry without the management or financial pressures.
Dentists who are enthusiastic about the opportunity to start with a growing company offering better financial opportunities to take cash off the table today while continuing to participate in the growth of the overall company performance.
Dentists who are looking for a competitive edge, a more satisfying work environment, and a better opportunity to continue their practices while maintaining control over their day-to-day work environment.
Practices that could benefit from economies of scale in purchasing, hiring, and technology.



To make dental care better for patients, providers and the community by:

1. Affiliating with dentists, whose clinical and administrative staff are committed to providing the highest quality of patient care

2. Creating a long-term partnership with our affiliated practices and their patients to form a regional model of group dental practices that are supportive of its patients and its clinical and administrative teams

3. Shaping a total team approach to the continuous improvement of the overall patient care experience and

4. Instituting innovative and leading-edge oral health programs that improve the overall health care of each patient and advance the importance of oral health care as an integral part of community health.